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The Middle Atlantic Region, better known as MAC or the Middle Atlantic Conference, is comprised of 15 local associations with a combined membership in excess of 3,800 members covering 11 states and the District of Columbia, including:  Capital Region/Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Central New York, Greater Buffalo, Greater Hartford, New Jersey, Greater New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rochester NY,  Southern Connecticut, AOBA/BOMA Washington, D.C., and Westchester County, NY as well as Members at Large.

The Middle Atlantic Conference meets at the BOMA International Winter Business Meeting and the BOMA International Every Building Conference and Expo as well as holding its own annual meeting in the spring. The purpose of the annual meeting is to: create, develop and maintain cooperation among the owners of office, retail, industrial, loft and apartment buildings; promote the exchange of ideas and information; promote the general welfare of the industry; and groom the future leaders of BOMA International.

As one of the largest and most active regions in BOMA International, the Middle Atlantic Conference has utilized its position to provide leadership opportunities to our local members and training to our TOBY winners to improve and capitalize on the abundance of intellectual property that resides within the MAC membership.  Many members have risen to leadership positions in BOMA International, as BOMA International Officers, Chairs of Committees, Task Force Chairs, SIG Chairs and Committee members to support our industry.

Mission Statement

To assist the various local members in promoting a stronger network, better advocacy, more professional education, and to continue to help our members in the real estate industry.

It will develop leadership to better bridge BOMA International with the local federated association, and proactively monitor advocacy as well as maintain the high standards of quality management and properties through peer recognition at the annual building awards..

BOMA Locals


  • BOMA Greater Hartford

  • BOMA Southern Connecticut

Washington, DC

  • BOMA Metropolitan Washington (AOBA)


  • BOMA Baltimore


  • BOMA Boston


  • BOMA New Jersey


  • BOMA Capital Region - Albany

  • BOMA Greater Buffalo

  • BOMA New York

  • BOMA Greater Rochester

  • BOMA Westchester


  • BOMA Philadelphia

  • BOMA Pittsburgh

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